Candid Tales

Chika The Thunder Collie
As a Border Collie, Chika lives the dream. Every day she runs around, chases sheep, annoys the horses and makes sure everyone is safe. She is always watching over us and taking care of our little animal community and family....
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Picture of a grey cat standing up straight leaning and lurking over a chair
This is Tito, although we call him Titi. This cutie appeared at Sandra's door on a rainy summer day morning inside a box. He must have been about 40 days old, according to the vet. Titi was a very affectionate and playful...
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A cute black dog being hugged by his owner outside in the sun
This is Paco but ... Who was this dog before he was Paco? This little friend lived in a campsite in a small town in Argentina, near the capital. Who knows what his name was before, or even if he...
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